Trione Welcomes Cyclists!

Trione welcomes all cyclists to stop in for a visit weather they are wine tasting {responsibly} or out for a ride. We have a full water cooler, restrooms and a covered patio for a relaxing break in between hills in the beautiful Alexander Valley. We invite cyclists to come inside and catch their breath or regroup. Some folks enjoy renting bikes and going out wine tasting. We welcome all types of cyclists to stop in. Should you be out sipping wine, we have a complimentary tasting option of three wines for people to have a taste of the Trione style. Our wine club is a great way to keep in touch with us and get your hands on exclusive wines. Visitors {cyclists} who join our club receive 30% off on any wines the day of their visit. We do have a mouth watering shipping option for those living out of state. Stop in at Trione and see what all the fuss is about! We are fun, have great wines, free WiFi and it’s just plain beautiful here! Cheers! 20120603-110700.jpg