Fulfilling your Kenny Chesney summertime fantasy begins….

Fulfilling your Kenny Chesney summertime fantasy begins with a chilled bottle of Trione’s 2012 Rosé. Our winemaker Scot Covington sought out to make a purposeful Rosé and empathetically believes that a Rosé made from Russian River Valley Pinot Noir is the only worthy varietal. Our 2012 Rosé has a pleasant strawberry nose and is refreshing treat. It is a wildly versatile option for all your summertime festivities whether its backwoods picnics or long days boating on the lake. The food pairings are limitless…cheeses, cold cuts, spicy foods, seafood. The stigmas surrounding Roses as girly or a wine for unsophisticated pallets are so wrong. The temperature is rising and so is the demand for the Trione 2012 Rosé.     A note from Sam: our newest Team member.