Dinner Under the Stars

To enjoy the fall season, we had a beautiful evening under the stars, hosted by the Trione family. The evening was filled with great company and delicious food. DSC_0019.jpg DSC_0021.jpg DSC_0031.jpg DSC_0039.jpg DSC_0050.jpg DSC_0051.jpg DSC_0054.jpg DSC_0064.jpg DSC_0064-TWINKLE.gif DSC_0082.jpg DSC_0090.jpg DSC_0101.jpg DSC_0105.jpg DSC_0115.jpg DSC_0118.jpg DSC_0120.jpg DSC_0124.jpg DSC_0129.jpg DSC_0132.jpg DSC_0135.jpg DSC_0136.jpg DSC_0140.jpg DSC_0141.jpg DSC_0151.jpg DSC_0154-TWINKLE.gif