National Balloon Ascension Day

On January 9, 1793 Jean Pierre Blanchard a noted French aeronaut launched a balloon into the sky in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was the first aerial voyage in the new United States. Blanchard launched in Philadelphia hopeful to make this a successful first aerial voyage. He guided toward New Jersey where after the fog cleared and the winds died down, he enjoyed a bit of wine and bread to calm himself. Once again the wind picking up, he prepared the balloon for landing. Of course putting away all of the things that could break if the landing was rough and landed near the town of Woodbury, New Jersey. This trip was the first successful trip- he flew about 15 miles and was in the air for 46 minutes. Blanchard was a well known French inventor and is known for his balloon flights. Among them are many firsts flights in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland. A balloon ride is a wonderful way to see the beautiful wine country. Check out Above the Wine Country for information.   Wine Countrysonoma-county-morning