Employee Appreciation Day!

While the rest of the world is gung ho over V-Day, we are excited about employee appreciation day! We love our Team here at Trione and it really shows all year. What kinds of things can you do to show those you work with that you appreciate them? Here are a few dos and don’ts when trying to show your team of co-workers you care. 1. Do bring them coffee in the morning if you are stopping for one yourself. 2. Don’t accidentally lock them in the bathroom when locking up. 3. Do offer to let them take their lunch first. 4. Don’t leave them hanging outside in the cold because you are the only one with a key. 5. Do offer to do the “heavy lifting”. 6. Don’t eat their lunch just because it was not labelled. 7. Do tell them you care & appreciate them. 8. Don’t be creepy about it. 9. Do respect boundaries. 10. Don’t make them wash all the dishes. 11. Offer to buy them a beer after work. 12. Don’t leave in a rush and stick them with the tab. 13. Do appreciate whoever it is you work with on February 7th and every day!   Cheers!