A note from our vineyard manager, Kris

From the vineyards….
“Right now we are slowing down a bit.  The hand crews are going through certain blocks and opening them up. We are pulling leaves and thinning out the fruit.  Some blocks need a little more attention than others.  We are focused on proper chute positioning and making sure that the fruit is hanging freely on the vine.  We don’t want heavy bunching in our specialty blocks.  The tractors crews are finishing up our final mowing for the season.
All of my other guys are prepping the equipment for the upcoming harvest.  We will likely be picking Alexander Valley Sauvignon Blanc the week of the 18th.  We will probably be picking Pinot Noir for Trione’s new sparkling the same week.”
Exciting stuff!! Harvest is literally around the corner. We are so excited and during harvest time there is always a lot going on, and we always love sharing the experience with friends!
The Trione "life of a vine" photo series once per week leading up to harvest!