A perfect pairing

Trione’s Chardonnay has been receiving such amazing accolades and great recognition from all over! We are thrilled! We are also really excited because it’s fall and that means the rain will start up again and there is nothing better to do when it’s raining out then to snuggle up and watch a nice flick. Weather you want to go out to a movie or stay in a chill out in the comfort of your own home, Trione’s Chardonnay pairs perfectly with popcorn. We like to recommend: Buttered popcorn with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top or buttered popcorn with a little cinnamon and a little Uncle Timmy’s spice rub is good too! https://trionewinery.com/blog/

If you find yourself heading out for a movie, check out the Raven theater, you can sip on Trione wines while enjoying your movie there!