Trione is Kid Friendly!

Kid friendly in wine country!

Trione Winery is the winery to go too with kids because Trione LOVES kids!

With wine tasting becoming even more popular than ever, moms and dads are looking for places that will not just allow their kids but that will embrace their kids and make it fun for them too! Being a family owned winery, we know how important it is to provide a great experience for the entire family. We want the moms and dads to have a good time and therefore, the kiddies need to have a good time.

Here are just some of the fun things we have for the littles: 

We have bubbles to blow out on the lawn on a sunny day.

We keep a stock of hula hoops for those littles who like to swing their hips!

We have {on occasion} magic tricks too!

Then of course there is bocce in the vineyards. It's a good time for all here at Trione!

Bring your picnic, settle in with one of our wine educators, enjoy sipping on our small production, award-winning wines, and feel good about your kids having a blast at Trione.

Don't have kids, but you have pets? We love them too!


Kid Friendly in wine country


Kid Friendly in wine country