Save water, Drink Wine!!

We are in a drought so we are cutting back on our water and sipping on wine instead! we want you to do the same, so stock up on your favorite Trione wines for the summer!!

We feel your pain when making purchases and getting all excited about a wine and then when you see that shipping charge, you're like, "UGH, Ick!". Sometimes you may even opt out of ordering after that... well we are going to help you out: for the entire month of July we are covering shipping on all orders, you just pay ONE penny!! To any of the states we are compliant in, we are going to take care of you! So go ahead, go online and buy away!!

Use the coupon code: July to redeem. 

This offer is only available to UPS and FedEx Ground orders. If you live in a HOT state then we will hold onto your shipment until weather allows us to send it (typically October 1st).

Here are the states we can send to:

California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, North Dakota, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio,

New York, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, New Hampshire, Vermont.

People enjoying wine in the Summer at Trione Winery