Honoring a Legacy of Henry Trione

Annadel State Park is Renamed

It is an incredible honor to share that Henry Trione was so instrumental in the preservation of Annadel State Park in Santa Rosa that the California State Parks Commission voted unanimously to approve the name change to: Trione-Annadel State Park.

Senator Mike McGuire acknowledges the enthusiasm behind this decision. “Adding a name to a State Park is serious business and deserves significant consideration and the community must lead in the conversation. Adding Mr. Trione’s name earned a groundswell of support from the neighborhood level and today’s action will forever honor the legacy and contributions of the individual who was responsible for the creation of this beloved State Park,” Senator McGuire said. “It is because of Mr. Trione’s vision and generosity that generations of Northern Californians will love these 5,000 acres for generations to come.”

Congressman Mike Thompson credits Henry for unwavering support of the open public land, “It’s a direct result of Henry Trione’s vision, foresight and sheer determination that we have this magnificent park today,” said Rep. Thompson. “He was a generous man who always put his community and its people first. It is fitting that he be recognized and that his name will live on as an example of selfless dedication and generosity. Henry’s work made the park a reality, and it should bear his name. I commend the California Parks and Recreation Commission for its thoughtful deliberations this morning and I look forward to hiking in the newly named Trione-Annadel State Park in the near future.”

Outlined in this press release, Henry's philanthropy over the years has not only created one of the most beloved parks in Sonoma County, but has supported local arts organizations and social service programs to support those in need.

A huge thank you to the community who supported this effort, and for Congressman Mike Thompson and State Senator Mike McGuire for making this recommendation a reality.