News from Winemaker, Scot on Current Happenings in the Cellar

Trione barrel room.

“What is happening in the cellar is a bit of regular topping/tasting/S02 additions. We are starting to focus on the upcoming harvest season and getting the cellar ready. We have a few red wines just finishing malolactic fermentation…it has been long for a few zins and cabs this year.

We are working on planning for the upcoming harvest finalizing any last barrel orders, getting ready to bottling in the fall, labels, corks, foils etc.”

Scot’s opinion on how the vineyards are looking:

“Out in the vineyards things are going fantastic! Vegetative growth is the issue this season, with all the rain we had and the warm weather the vines are really taking off. It looks like it will be a good crop and if the weather holds out it looks like it will be another great year…I am hopeful as it is still early.”

I believe that we will be busy in mid-August this year harvesting the Chard and Pinot for sparkling but I think it will be first or second week in September for the others as I think the crop will be relatively big…again too early to really say.”

So far, so good here at Trione this year. The cellar is buttoning things up, and the vineyard crew is hard at work. Everyone is over the moon that the heat decided to mellow out a little.