The Pets of Team Trione


After a hard day at work, nothing’s better than coming home to a furry friend waiting for and excited to see you! In addition to loving really good wine, here at Trione, we LOVE animals.  Check out some of our furry family members below:

Mosi the Aussie (Jessie)

Nicknames include bossy mosi, moss man, moss dog

“Mosi is a six year old Australian Shepard. We named him Mosaic after my favorite beer hops but call him Mosi for short.  Mosi loves to come to work at Trione (you might have met him once or twice!) and greet all the visitors. He can do all sorts of tricks- spin, play dead, shake, and even says ‘I love you’ (I’ll say I love you and he barks back three times)!  His favorite things are going on vineyard runs, playing ball, getting hosed off when it’s hot, snuggling, belly rubs in the morning, and getting treats. Naughty things he does is eat the cats food and bark at delivery men.”

Jess's Australian Shepard, Mosi    

Lady (Reed)

Nicknames include Lady bird, lady bug, mama, princess

“Lady is a 14 year old Dutch Shepherd. She was named after a German Shepherd that lived at a neighboring house that used to come out and join me and my grandma for walks at a mountain house in Weaverville, CA when I was a young child. In her spare time, Lady’s favorite hobbies are running at Clam Beach in Humboldt County, napping, building ships in a bottle, and attending improv class. Her favorite foods are peanut butter, saltine crackers, and her cookies. Her naughtiest habit is eating poop. Gross. I adopted her from a shelter when she was just a tiny puppy and has been more than a best friend from the moment I saw her. She’ll always be my baby girl.”     Reed and his 14 year old Dutch Shepard, Lady    

Otis and Murphy (Debbie)

Otis: Nicknames include: Otie, Otie Pie, Pie Pie, Totie

“Otis is the larger of my 2 giant breed dogs. He is a Continental Landseer, European Type. This breed is a cross between a Newfoundland and a Great Pyrenees. This breed is very agile and powerful and very fast runners. He is 142 pounds of goofball. As big as he is, and as loud as he can bark, he’s a big chicken when encountering things for the first time…like a balloon  Otis acts as the rule enforcer between he and Murphy. We’ve had Otis since he was a pup. Otis’ special trick is he sits on the couch like a person.”

Murphy: Nicknames include: Murph-the-Surf, Smurfy

“Murphy is the smaller of our 2 dogs, weighing in at a cool 120 pounds. He is a Landseer Newfoundland. We adopted him from a Newfoundland rescue group when he was 1 ½ years old. He LOVES to hunt lizards, squirrels and gophers…his only success coming with gophers! He is fiercely loyal to us and to our new Grandson, Dylan. As far as his funny antics go, we have a saying about him…”he’s a habitual line-stepper”. No dogs allowed on the couch (except for Murphy). No dogs allowed on the chairs (except for Murphy)…you get the idea! Murphy’s special trick is getting away with everything and running sneak attacks on Otis in the yard.”

Debbie's two dogs, Otis & Murhpy  

Daisy & Cappy (Tina)

Cappy: Nickname – Buddy

“Cappy is our six year old domestic long hair, named after our favorite beach getaway, Capitola. Cappy’s hobby is hugging!  He will put his arms around your neck and cuddle in. He’s a very cuddly 13 lb. boy, and sure loves his kibble! His naughtiest deed was the time that he gave me a black eye. I was holding him like a cradled baby and talking baby talk to him which he obviously took offense to. He whapped me a good one across my cheek leaving me with a scratch and unfortunately a black eye for a few days.” TIna's cat, Cappy  

Daisy: Nicknames include Midge, Daisy Face and Girl Girl

“Daisy is our 14 year old tabby named by her favorite person, Andy (her dad). The name fits her perfectly. Daisy’s hobby is mousing. It’s not unusual to find a “gift” on the porch with her nearby proud as can be. She also sometimes brings us LIVING gifts as well – we’ve chased many a mouse, lizard and bat out of the house. Her guilty pleasure treat is definitely bacon…she LOVES it!” Tina's Cat Daisy  

Zen & Gus (Martin)


“Our buddies are Zen (11 years) and Gus (11 months).  They are Whippets and are often confused as Greyhounds.  After they are introduced to people the response is usually “Devo”, “Whippet good”, or “crack that whip.  Zen and Gus laugh but really they are judging. To get their attention you can say their favorite words:  ride, foodies, cuddles, walk, rope, toy, dessert, and buddy. “

Zen: Nickname – Z

“Zen is true to his name.  He is very chill and takes his time except when it is foodies time, and then he picks up the pace.  Many times after walking him before foodies, we will let him off leash and he runs home and waits for us.  His cuddles are when he wants them.  His favorite time of the day is 8:30 p.m.  Like clockwork, he reminds us that it is dessert time.  He and Gus get three biscuits each.” Martin's Whippet Zen    

Gus: Nickname – Demon

“Gus is the new buddy.  Zen needed a buddy after losing his besty last year.  Being the puppy, everything is new and exciting.  He likes to ‘boop’ our faces every morning to tell us to get out of bed and pay attention to him.  He is goofy and funny.  He likes to put his paws on our shoulders for his huggies and kisses.” Martin's Whippet Gus


Timmy & Laela (Amanda)

Timmy: Nicknames include Tim, Tiny Tim, Timmy Lincecat, Timmy Lyn,

“Timmy is my 9 year old, ornery brown tabby.  I rescued him when he was eight weeks old after someone dumped him at the feed store I was working at during that time. He has been with me through so many life experiences and is truly my best friend!  He was named after Timmy Lincecum, who was a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants for eight seasons.  His favorite hobbies include napping, a LOT, yelling at birds and other neighborhood cats through the window, going for walks (he is leash trained) and always doing something he’s not supposed to be doing. His favorite foods are pretty much anything, but especially wet food, fresh melon, and canned tuna.  His naughtiest deed is trying to eat/destroy any flowers or plants I try to bring into my house.  He is the reason why I can’t have nice things!” Amanda's cat Timmy on a walk  

Laela: Nicknames include Lee, Laelian my Alien, Laelee Baylee

“Laela is my 6 year old dilute tortie.  I rescued her after she was abandoned in front of the Lake County Animal when she was only two weeks old!  She came with her name, and it fits her perfectly, so I decided to keep it.  Her favorite hobbies include sunbathing, scratching her scratching post, eating catnip, and yelling at me until I brush her.  Her favorite food is her kibble – she refuses to eat anything else, including treats, fresh fish, etc.   Her naughtiest deed is getting the zoomies at 4am and running all over the house, and trying to eat plastic….I now have to hide anything with plastic wrappers or bags, otherwise I will notice little chew marks on them.  Even with her strange antics, I just love her to pieces!” Amanda's cat Laela  

We hope you enjoyed reading about some of our pets!  Stop by the tasting room soon to meet Mosi and show us photos of your furry best friends!  Cheers!

– Team Trione