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Cherry Almond Bread Pudding

Recipe by Peloton Culinary & Catering

A delicious bread pudding by Peloton Culinary

 1 qt heavy cream
 8 large eggs, whisked together
 1 cup granulated sugar
 1 vanilla bean, split, seeds scraped
 1 ½ lbs sourdough bread, crust removed, 1/2" dice
 2 cups bing cherries, de-stemmed, pitted, quartered
 ¾ cup almonds, sliced, toasted

Combine the heavy cream with half of the sugar, whisk together.


Split and scrape the vanilla bean, add seeds and husk to the cream mixture. Slowly bring cream mixture to a simmer, stirring occasionally.


In a separate bowl combine the eggs and remaining sugar. **Temper the hot cream into the eggs.


Place diced bread in a stainless steel bowl. Soak the bread in the cream/egg mixture until bread is completely saturated, at least one hour. Add sliced almonds.


Prepare a baking dish with parchment paper. Spray well with nonstick spray.


Bake in a water bath in a 350 degree oven until custard is set and bread begins to caramelize. About 30 -45 minutes.

Happy Cooking!!!


** While whisking the egg mixture pour in 1 cup of the hot cream mixture. Immediately while whisking cream mixture pour the all the eggs and 1 cup of cream back into the cream mixture.