Trione 2021 Rose of Pinot Noir

‘Fast and furious’ is the term that comes to mind when describing the 2021 vintage. The lead up to harvest was near perfection as far as grape quality goes. The season started out cool then became mild with very few heat spikes. The weeks were consistently warm causing many varietals to ripen at the same time. The crop load across all varieties was slightly lighter than average which hastened ripening in all Sonoma County appellations. For most winemakers and grape growers, it was a welcomed trend back to normalcy. Trione’s harvest began the last week in August and finished the first week in October; six weeks in total.  The fruit quality was clean and exceptional with great flavor.  It was another vintage year here in Sonoma County’s wine country.

Retail: $30
Cases produced: 200


Early morning, whole cluster, hand-harvesting was implemented in the making of the Rose’. The grapes were destemmed and placed into an 80-hectoliter tank press to rest for 12 hours under a blanket of dry ice. After 12 hours the free run juice was drained to a tank, no pressing was done. The wine was cold settled for two days then racked off the sediment and moved to another tank. The juice was analyzed and additions made including a Burgundian yeast selection called RC212. The juice was then placed into neutral French oak barrels and the fermentation began. Fermentation lasted about 3 weeks after which the barrels were topped and SO2 added. The barrels then remained in the cellar, aging for four months.

Tasting Notes

The 2021 Trione Rose’ of Pinot Noir is a dappled ray of sunlight on a cool spring morning. A bright, refreshing aroma of white peach, honeysuckle, and rose petal coupled with herbal notes of wildflower blossoms. This wine pairs well with pan seared wild salmon, fresh seasonal greens or as a poolside refresher. Cheers! 

Trione Bottle of Rosé wine
Trione Bottle of Rosé wine