2018 Rosé of Pinot Noir

The 2018 vintage will be one described by poets and songwriters…it was a season of dreams. The harvest began in earnest the second week of September, which is considered normal in most years, but for the past three or four harvests it would seem late. The season was of almost perfect pace and timing, with fruit ripening on a gradual scale which allowed for a much more relaxed tenor to the usual more frantic time of year. The term “hang-time” gets used a lot in describing harvests, but 2018 sure proved to be the harvest of hang-time. A moderate summer, leading to a moderate fall weather pattern allowed for full flavor development across all varieties.


Cases produced:  255
Tasting Room Retail price:  $28
Appellation: Russian River Valley



The grapes for the Rose’ were hand-harvested early in the morning, in whole clusters. The grapes were destemmed and placed into an 80-hectoliter tank press to rest for 12 hours under a blanket of dry ice. After 12 hours the free run juice was drained to a tank, no pressing was done. The wine was cold settled for two days then racked off the sediment to another tank. The juice was analyzed and additions made including a Burgundian yeast selection called RC212. The juice was then placed into neutral French oak barrels and the fermentation began. Fermentation lasted about 3 weeks after which the barrels were topped and SO2 added. The barrels then remained in the cellar, aging for 4 months.


Winemaker Tasting Notes

The 2018 Trione Rose’ of Pinot Noir is at first glance a beautiful kiss of Spring. It’s light, refreshing and aromatic with the perfume of wildflowers, honeysuckle and rose petals. This Rose’ will pair with many dishes from a carefree picnic basket to main course Alaskan halibut or King Salmon. Cheers!


Trione 2019 Rose
Trione 2019 Rose