We’d like to introduce you to our new head winemaker, John Duckket. 

John is a native to Sonoma County and turned a passion for gardening and science into a career of winemaking.  He was a competitive swimmer and went to UC Davis to be on the swim team and play water polo. The time commitment for swimming became consuming with other curriculum obligations so he decided to change focus and branch out. He explored the enology and viticulture classes. This was a natural fit and transition for him given his passion. He took one class and was hooked. 

John interned at J Winery in the summers while he was on break from school because they made sparkling and he could complete the internship in time to be back at school for the new semester. During his last year of college, he met the assistant winemaker from Jordan Winery. They hit it off and stayed in touch.  After graduation, John spent time in New Zealand and upon his return he was offered a full time position at Jordan Winery as the Enologist. He was lucky enough to work with the winemaking team there for 12 harvests; when he left Jordan Winery, he held the title of Assistant Winemaker. 

John's style is to showcase the fruit, the natural aromas and flavors that come directly from the terroir and grape growing. He believes that when you have really great fruit, you don’t need to add much to the wine: you only want to enhance it. He believes  it needs a good ferment and some enhancements from quality oak to add subtle nuances to the wines without changing those natural flavors derived from the fruit. 

“It's like cooking: when you start with really great ingredients, sometimes all you need is a little salt and pepper”. 

He likes wine varietals to be true to the style from which they originate. He is excited to work with Sauvignon Blanc and create a crisp, clean wine. He is also looking forward to working with Pinot Noir. He enjoys a Russian River Valley Pinot Noir but knows that it is such a finicky varietal and he is up for the challenge.

John is thrilled to join the winemaking team as Trione’s head winemaker and to continue the brand's legacy of producing award winning, fine wines from carefully selected blocks at estate vineyards in Sonoma County.