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Sales & Marketing Director

Denise Trione

“I love being part of a family business and feeling the pride that comes from guests enjoying themselves at the winery as they taste our wines. I am deeply proud of our family’s commitment to the Sonoma County community.”

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Vineyard Manager

Kris Hicks

“We do everything it takes to grow and maintain our commitment to quality fruit.  We find ways to farm efficiently and profitably while leaving the smallest footprint in the vineyard which drives our definition of sustainability.”

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Man standing in the vineyard


John Duckett

"Growing up in Sonoma County, the wine industry was always around me, but I never pictured myself making wine.  Looking at it now, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  Wine is one of those things where you can never truly know everything, and this is precisely why I love being a winemaker.  I feel fortunate being able to contribute to the Trione Family’s winemaking legacy and work with such an amazing team."

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Team Trione

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Jess Vallery

Director of DTC, Hospitality & Marketing Communications

Jess was born and raised in Sonoma County. In high school she worked for Gloria Ferrer doing grunt work of all kinds - events, administrative things for anyone she could and anything else she could do to learn the business. She quickly realized that the wine industry was where she would focus her time and build a career. She was assistant manager at Stonestreet for two years where she helped to build the brand both locally and throughout the state through wine pourings and brand marketing. Jess was introduced to Denise in 2008 - she met with Denise and Scot and tasted through the wines and fell in love. The connection was great, it was a perfect fit. She worked with the Trione’s to open the tasting room and launch the brand. Jess built an excellent team of people who share her passion for wine and food and those who strive for stellar hospitality. She oversees direct to consumer sales, hospitality, and marketing communications.

In her off time, Jess enjoys running, biking, playing ball with her dog, Mosi-the Aussie, cooking, and spending time adventuring near and far with her husband and close friends.

“Working for the Trione family is wonderful. They have such a deep appreciation for their employees and this county - it's refreshing. I love that I am able to try new things, be creative, enjoy great wines, work with awesome people, and make amazing friends with our members - work never gets boring! I have the best team in all of wine country and even those who have moved on, we still stay in touch; they’re all like my family, I adore them all.”

Man sitting on stacked wine boxes; glass of wine next to him.

Reed Ackerman

Tasting Room Manager

Reed was born and raised in Cloverdale and moved away to Humboldt to attend Humboldt State . He came to Trione with little wine knowledge after working in customer service and with plants and has flourished. He first started as a wine educator and now oversees the tasting room and works on many projects repairing various things around the property. Reed brings a ‘get-it-done’ attitude that is both encouraging for others and helps the tasting room and events run more smoothly. We couldn’t do it without him! Reed brings genuine kindness to the tasting room hospitality and all of our members love to chat it up with him when they visit.

In his off time Reed likes to spend time with his dog, Lady, garden, ride around on his electric unicycle, and play music on his handpan.

“One of the best experiences about working at the winery is transcending the guest-host relationship and becoming friends with so many brilliant and interesting people. The team I work with really are like family: we have developed relationships that you cannot buy, you cannot fake, and I am happy to have been shaped by such caring people. Plus, they are the easiest and most gullible people to pull practical jokes on. Just ask Tina. I love them all dearly.”

Woman holding a wine glass next to a wood sign with numbers on it and trees and grapevines in the background

Sandy Elliott

Wine Club Coordinator

As the daughter of a forest ranger, Sandy was born and raised in the wilds of Montana. In 1982 while travelling with a boyfriend working on cooling towers, she found herself in Healdsburg and decided to stay. In 1985 she began a job at Rupert, Gibbon and Spider as Customer Service/International Sales Manager. Her career in marketing and events spanned 35 years in the arts and crafts materials industry and the casino business. Most recently she was the Events and Promotions Manager at River Rock Casino, where she managed both on and off-site events, promotions, and donations. After retiring in 2020, she realized she was not ready for the rocking chair. She reentered the workforce in August of 2022, here at Trione as the Wine Club Coordinator. Sandy had known the team and been a club member for years and her daughter, Maggie worked in the tasting room previously. “Starting work here was like coming home to family.”

Sandy is new to working in the wine industry, but living in Sonoma County, it eventually draws you in. She says her relatives just love coming to visit, though she is not sure if they are coming to see her or for the wine…. hopefully a little of both.

Sandy and her husband of 30 years, Ted live in Geyserville with her 2 dogs, Tucker and Pax and cat Hoodlum. Sandy spends summers in southwestern Montana between her childhood home and a log home her father built in 1990. “Sonoma County is beautiful and we love the community that is Geyserville, but the mountains of Montana are just a part of your soul. As John Muir so eloquently said “the mountains are calling and I must go.”

Man standing in front of a stone wall

Michael Sage

National Sales Manager

Michael, aka Sage, joined the Trione Team early 2018. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, as a kid Sage recalls the multiple trips to Missouri wineries and tasting rooms with his parents, growing grapes, and ‘trying’ to make drinkable wine with his dad and grandfather. After college and while in culinary school, at 23 he really got the wine bug as he became a manager, and the wine director of a high-end sports celebrity steakhouse. After many years working in fine dining and Country Clubs, Sage officially entered the wine industry in 2004 as a sales person and then eventually sales manager for A. Bommarito Wines of Missouri.

In his downtime, Sage enjoys spending time with his awesome kids, hiking, mushroom foraging, mountain biking, golf, snowboarding, and driving everyone at the Trione tasting room crazy.

“As a former director of wines for restaurants, country club, and distributors, it just does not get any better than a winery such as Trione Vineyards & Winery. Here is a family and winemaker that understand that quality, vintage to vintage consistency, of a wine comes only one way, from the selection of best clones, bocks, and rows of grapes meticulously grown, harvested, and eloquently finished at the winery. Pinch me.”

Woman holding a glass of wine, standing next to 2 wine barrels with a bottle of wine on top

Tina Cloutier

Hospitality & Guest Relations Coordinator

Tina was born and raised in Minnesota. After years of working in advertising, she needed a change. She dabbled in cellar and lab work there for a short time before deciding to move to wine country to pursue it more. She packed up and headed west for the wine country where she worked in the cellar first before deciding she truly belonged working with people. With that ‘Minnie’ charm she brings a caring aspect to the team and a love of supporting the local industry. She’s a true concierge to our guests - having visited all the local wineries, hotels, and restaurants herself - she provides a wealth of knowledge to our guests which elevates their entire wine country experience.

During her off time Tina likes to cook pizzas at home with her husband in their pizza oven, sip chardonnay on the beach in Capitola while her husband surfs, spend time with her kitties and catching up with her parents back home

“After visiting wine country a few times and then finally making the move and landing in Sonoma County, I couldn’t feel more lucky to be a part of this industry. Whether it’s assisting in planning a day for someone who’s new to the area or sitting down and chatting with a long time club member, this is truly the best place I can be living and working.”

Woman holding glass of rose in front of stone wall

Amanda Artz

Wine Educator

Amanda was born and raised in Southern California. She moved to Sonoma County to attend Sonoma State University, where she graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies & Planning. She brings with her nine plus years of experience in hospitality and events management. Amanda worked with various wineries, where she managed and executed all winery special events including creative development, planning, staffing, and all related hospitality operations.

When she is not working, she loves to cook, garden, and spend time with her friends and two cats

"I am so happy to be working at Trione and be surrounded by positive, caring people. Representing such an iconic Sonoma County brand and being able to pour and share incredible wines with our guests is so fun and exciting."

Man in flowered shirt standing in front of stone wall

Alec Reshefsky

Cellar Supervisor

Alec moved out west from Washington D.C. where he was born and raised. He came to Sonoma County in the early 2000’s and fell in love with wine (like many do!). In 2011 he worked in Sonoma Valley at various wineries where he learned the ropes in the tasting room and tried his hands at cellar work. Over the course of his time in the industry, Alec has worked a total of seven harvests, four of them being at Trione Winery.

In 2015 Alec was originally hired at Trione to work in hospitality hosting guests at the winery and in the tasting room. After a few years of that side of the business, he realized his passion was more on the production and wine-making side of things. Scot eagerly agreed to hire him to help with harvest. He no sooner had wine stains on his shirt and he was hooked and back in the cellar full-time.

His favorite part of harvest is split between drinking unfermented grape juice and making the yeast starter and watching them go to work (bubbling as the yeast convert sugar into alcohol while creating Co2 and generating heat).

In his spare time Alec plays mandolin for an Americana, folky-style rock band locally. Hear them play currently at the Rio Nido Roadhouse in West County on the weekends. Alec loves animals, going on hikes; enjoying mother nature, learning new things, and being goofy with friends.

“I love working for the Trione’s because they are honest, caring, hard-working people. I feel appreciated by them and they are clearly very passionate about their love of wine and their employees.”

Woman holding a glass or red wine standing in a vineyard row

Kathy Salisbury


Kathy moved to Sebastopol with her family, when she was nine years old. She graduated from Chico state with a Bachelors of Science in Community & Commercial Recreation Administration. She ended up with an internship at a resort in Sequoia National Forest, where she remained for six years as the special events director and then lodge manager. Kathy returned to Sonoma County to work in the hotel business - Vintners Inn and The Sebastopol Inn. She decided to leave hospitality to raise her three daughters.

Kathy and her family lived on a vineyard ranch in Healdsburg, where her daughters were raised. Abby (21), and twins Bridget & Hannah (17) grew up right in the thick of the action, which was an incredible gift - they got to play in harvest bins, witness all the action and explore the vineyard property. It was during this time of her life that Kathy realized her love for the wine industry and fitness - being able to appreciate the vines up close and personal during her daily runs.

Wine hospitality was always in the back of Kathy’s mind, and it was a natural transition when she was ready to re-enter the workforce. She sought out a position working with a family who has a passion for wine and agriculture, are deeply involved in the business, and genuinely care about their community. Kathy loves fitness, dance, and outdoor adventures. She is always seeking new experiences to share with her family, friends, and her partner, David.

“I was drawn to Trione for the family’s long-standing history, commitment to Sonoma County, and Italian heritage (just like my family!). I am so excited to be a part of a caring team that offers memorable guest experiences.”

Man in front of stone wall holding a glass of white wine setting on top of a wine barrel

Reid Harper

Eastern Sales Manager

After graduating University of Colorado Reid spent several years in the restaurant business in Colorado, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Reid began his wine career running the on-premise business for several DC wholesalers selling both national and boutique brands. When the opportunity to manage the Northeast for The Jordan Winery arose, a new chapter began. Reid rose to the position of national sales manager overseeing both the U.S. and international business before moving onto other opportunities. In addition to Jordan, Reid has worked for Accolade in the Mid-Atlantic and Boisset in the Southeast/Mid-Atlantic. In 2016, Reid joined Trione managing sales in the Eastern region. He sees it as an honor to represent Trione out in the market. He lives in Centreville, Virginia with his wife Mariann, son Cole, dog Finn and has a married daughter Christy living outside Philadelphia.

In his off time, Reid enjoys spending time with family, sipping wines, cooking and touring cival war sites.

"Working for the Triones makes you feel like family and not just an employee. The quality of the wines and the people are outstanding which makes every day a joy to go to work."