2015 River Road Ranch Pinot Noir

The drought conditions were all that was talked about for majority of the year in 2015. Dry conditions in the beginning on the year lead to an early bud break. The growing season was warm, dry and for most of the period, mild. It was the early bud break and relatively light crop that made 2015 one of the shortest harvests on record. It was certainly the earliest harvest for Trione as we began bringing in grapes for sparkling on August 12th and finished with the last of the Flatridge Zinfandel the first week of October.


Cases produced: 1,269
Tasting Room Retail price: $42
Appellation: Russian River Valley



Traditional techniques such as such as open top fermentations and hand plunging the cap during primary fermentation were implemented.  To accentuate the fruit component, 20% of the grapes were added whole cluster to the bottom of the fermenter. The cuvee or blend is a mix of clones from our Russian River Ranch. The clones chosen were UCD37, Pommard, 115, 667 and 777. Each clone brings to the blend its own distinct characteristics. UCD37 is bold and full bodied, Pommard is rich and aromatic, Clone 115 tends to be more fruit forward with good color, 667 is similar with red berry flavors and the 777 adds pronounced Pinot Noir aroma, good color and a very silky texture to the blend.


Winemaker Tasting Notes

Deep, rich color and aroma are the first impressions. A masculine Pinot Noir, bold, grippy tannins with great extraction showing lots of red berry fruit, toasty oak and a long silky finish. A classic example of the Russian River Valley and a cool climate Pinot Noir. This wine will age gracefully for the next 5-7 years. Enjoy!



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