2016 River Road Ranch Syrah, Russian River Valley

Once again Mother Nature has provided Sonoma County another vintage year for growers and winemakers. 2016 was by many measures an exceptional year to grow grapes. The season started early as did the previous year. The crop was slightly larger than 2015 but of excellent quality. It was an early harvest season, beginning mid-August and finishing up by the end of September, another record year here at Trione Vineyards and Winery.

Retail: $35


The 2016 Syrah is a blend of two French clones identified as 470 and 877. Both of these selections are considered high quality and originate from the northern Cote du Rhone. The wine is made much like our Pinot Noir in that it is fermented with whole berries in open top fermenters. The wine is hand plunged up to four times per day to allow for maximum extraction of flavor and color from the skins. The whole berries retain the deep dark blackberry fruit character that is so intense in this wine. In addition to Syrah, five percent Viognier is added to the mix to give a floral, aromatic component to the wine. This is a traditional winemaking technique of the Cote du Rhone. 

Tasting Notes

This wine is rich and inviting. The seductive aromas of peaty, wet earth with hints of plum, blueberry and wild blackberry preserves are ever present. This wine is rich and decadent with sweet, smoky flavors.


Trione Wine Bottle Image
Trione Wine Bottle Image