A Tribute to Henry Trione: A Local Hero

https://trionewinery.com/ On November 19th, 2002, The City Of San Francisco Proclaimed it was Henry Trione Day, in honor of all he has done for our city by the bay. In 1937, he played with The Fortuna High School Marching Band during the opening ceremonies of the Golden Gate Bridge. More recently he helped finance the Lone Sailor tribute in Marin County.   Sonoma County and Empire College made September 8th Henry Trione day, in honor of all he has given to our county.   We couldn’t think of a better person to raise a glass of your favorite Trione wine to. In honor of this influential, thoughtful, giving man. Here are a few of our staff’s favorite Henry Trione memories!   “I remember telling a group of ladies about Trione family history, and Henry came in soon after. “Well ladies, you’re in luck! That’s Henry right there!” They asked if they could get a picture with Henry, so I asked him, and he was more than happy to oblige. “Get my picture taken surrounded by beautiful women!? My life just keeps getting better and better! And make sure to give them a bottle of wine of their choice and put it on my tab.” –Reed Ackerman       “A recent Henry memory happened at our February Winemaker Dinner. Henry was holding command of a ten-person table and as I was pouring more wine, he instructed me to sit down! Then he asked all of us to hold up our index fingers and place them under the table. On his count, we all began to lift the table, making it look as if it was floating. It’s a party trick I am sure he’s done a thousand times before, but he was laughing harder than any of us, with a definite twinkle in his eye.” –Claire Lepine     “It was a beautiful spring day and this older gentleman comes walking in the tasting room with his wife and asks me “what do you have for me to taste”? My response was “the best darn wines in Sonoma county”! The older guy had a laugh and then says “well I will take a glass of that”. I pour the old guy a taste of the wine and then proceed to go on about our tasting menu and the different flights that he can choose from. He then asks me another question and I continue going on about the winery and the wines when the older lady says “Henry, stop it”. The old man then looks at me and says “I am Henry Trione”. I truly did not believe this old guy standing in front of me until he started to talk about the winery and my coworkers. When I finally realized that it was actually Henry Trione in front of me I put out my hand and said “Mr. Trione it is finally a pleasure to put a face to the name. I am Andrew”.  –Andrew Opperman     Share your Henry stories with us in the comments. We would love to hear them!!