Wedding Vibes

If you've been that lucky gal or guy to have been surprised by your true love with a ring and those four special know how the butterflies feel in that moment, and you know how they start to feel when diving into the planning mode. At times it can start to feel like a job planning a wedding, but it's not, it's supposed to be fun and exciting. Hire a planner and let them do all of the work and you just sit tight and dream big. Here are some of my favorite photos captured by Elise Aileen  whos brilliant use of light along with  Mack Floral Designs elegant creations produce moments of fairytale proportions  . The flowers really bring out the rustic tones in the old stone building while enriching the elegance. I had my wedding reception in this stunning building and it was just that, stunning. But there is something about the use of the vibrant reds that really turns my head.

Cheers to you and congratulations on your special day, whatever that looks like!