Spring Has Sprung a little Early this Year

The cane of a wine grape vine
The vines have cotton-like buds forming as they awaken from their winter slumber

With all of this warm weather throughout the winter, it feels like spring sprung a bit early this year. The days are staying lighter longer and we are out in the vineyards watching the vines like hawks waiting for bud-break to creep up on us. Most of the Trione team loves  the springtime, how could you not?! We asked Denise Trione Hicks just why this time of year is her favorite time, here is what she said:

"Aside from just before harvest when the grape clusters are heavy and ripe, my favorite season in the vineyards is spring.  I love how clean the vines look after pruning.  You can really see how much care goes into the mindful selection of which spurs to keep and which canes to prune.  I love the green grass, the blooming cover crop flowers and the whole family loves to go hunting for bud-break.  The hills are still so green, there’s moisture in the ground, the cool mornings turn into warmer afternoons.  It really is a breath of fresh air after the grays and browns of the winter in the vineyards.
The fresh start of the new growing season also happens to be when we bottle our Rosé  and Sauvignon Blanc.  All signs that warmer months are on the way.
It’s also baseball season so Kris is busy helping with Gus’s little league team and the whole family is spending more time outside hiking, biking, playing soccer, and enjoying Flatridge Ranch.  Our house is full of energy and the spring weather is perfect for kicking the kids outside to enjoy it!"


Three kids on bikes outside with helmets on
Denise and Kris' children - Gus, Georgia, and Greta - take a break from their mountain biking to stop and give us the thumbs up; this is what they think of spring! Happy times.

The days are warm and longer, the wine is chilled, and its the perfect weather to get outside and enjoy life. Dust off that grill, pick up some meats to marinate, stop at the local market for fresh vegetables, and come on up to Trione to sip on some tasty wines while soaking up the sun before heading home to prepare dinner.


If you are unable to visit the winery this spring, that's okay, we'll bring it to you! Take a virtual tour of our estate and vineyards in Alexander Valley during the beautiful spring setting.

Vineyards and hills
Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards in Alexander Valley

Spring flowers in the grass with vines and trees
A peaceful place to enjoy

Vineyards in front of mountains
Trione Vineyards in Alexander Valley

Spring flowers -lupine and poppy flowers
The spring flowers blooming near the Trione vineyards in Alexander Valley

A fountain with a stone building in the background
Trione Winery's outside seating area in the courtyard and fountain garden area

A fountain with gardens around itVisit us and enjoy this lovely setting by the cascading fountains


We look forward to sharing this little piece of heaven we call home with you!